Daily Nested Thoughts


one drawing a day

first drawing 10 October 2007

432 days later……

This installation is based on a practice of cumulative, daily acts of investigation through drawing. Everyday I make a pen and ink drawing on the back of a business card. The drawing is not a summary of the day. Instead each one visually represents the moment in which I choose to make the drawing. It is a window into one particular thought, nested within many others. In this selective visual journal, I feel the absence of the many thoughts that pass fleetingly without representation. The drawings mark the passage of days, a visual accumulation of the passage of time.

In Buddhist practice and many other traditions, ritual is a mode of transformation. For me, the thought drawings have become an important daily ritual. In each short drawing session the ritual manifestation is reinvented through the creative act, which produces a mark. Cumulatively these marks trace a journey through the footprints of my nested thoughts.